working points for writing the *feminist internet
With Make or Break (for Next Wave Assembly Program)
PREVIOUS Feminist_Internet_Lore_Manifesto propositions
TUNE IN SAT 25 July 2020 10am(CEST) 18hrs/6pm(AEST)

A 2-hour collaborative writing session, morphing, exploring, expanding upon 10 working points. Together we will overwrite, edit, correct, challenge, echo, duplicate, expand, solidify, summarise, nuance, incant...these principles and lores. Performing a collaborative working definition of a *feminist internet in the context of the writing session folds in all the waves *waves* \0\ \0/ /0/

Performing our politics live, for each other, carving out online space away from systems of imperial fixity, and towards skill sharing, fluidity and multiplicity. Participants are enabled to embrace literary freedom: riffing off, imagining, rejecting or rephrasing the original text in this form of active poetry.

Working from the position of an *open feminism that embraces multiplicity, diversity, queerness, ephemeral becoming, transforming, shifting - making space for underrepresented voices and not privileging our voices in relation to others – nor doom scrolling but instead affirmative feeling through sentences, and dancing words with other people. Through this performative exploration we are seeding the ground of diverse feminist traditions of knowledge production. 10 working draft points - propositions - expand in each iteration, together with local and remote presences.
Carving out online space that is fluid and wayward, experimentally through deciphering, interpreting, trying, failing, and blossoming. Indeterminate writing is an act of care, mediation and healing, by deploying networked tools away from tactics of control, other kinds of knowledge exchange and voices to arise and intermingle in this space of possibility.

🐚 Steps to prepare 🐚
You'll need an internet-connected computer device, witha monitor and keyboard, installed with Chrome Browser
Requirements: willingness to work collectively, have a tolerance for ambiguity, respect for our *CODE OF CONDUCT*

We’ll meet here, then we move to a multiple author writing pad - Etherpad - a tool for public collaboration.

We will share a URL on the day and time of the event in Jitsi.
Working Group v1 Feminist_Internet_Lore_Manifesto May 30 2020
Working Group v2 Feminist_Internet_Lore_Manifesto July 25 2020
Working Group v2 Feminist_Internet_Lore_Manifesto July 25 2020
Working Group v3 Feminist_Internet_Lore_Manifesto November 27 2020
With Digital Intimacies 6 'Connection in Crisis' - 27 November 16hrs / 4pm AEST 2020
With Network Imaginaries Hackers and Designers Summer Academy

Screen grab Working Group v2 Feminist_Internet_Lore_Manifesto July 25 2020: Image Nancy Mauro-Flude