Stone Spirits - Installation
Kathrin Günter
They destroy the clumsy tools of their crime… they leave
intact the odic negative, the photograph of their sin, the thought thing
in the air. The headless child is buried in the garden, but the thought
of the beheader is left to lie about.
– Moris Klaw aka The Dream Detective
Kathrin Günter studied at the University for applied Sciences in Hamburg with the main focus on photography. In 2000 she won the BFF Award for the best photographic diploma of german universities with the first episode of her series Star Shots. After long stays in italy, spain and england she moved back to germany in 2006 and has been living in Berlin ever since. She exhibited and published worldwide and her work is part of many public and private collections. Since 2009, as a member of micro research berlin she has been invited to take part in several field trip investigations, and to lead working groups and workshops.