Jason James is an artist, lighting/projection designer, and tinker. He creates interactive art from electricity, photons, and time. Recent artworks include Angry Electrons interactive light art using 1000 light globes for Dark MOFO 2015, Crevasse light art at Contemporary Art Tasmania as a part of envelop(e), Glimpse a 27 channel live video work for Faux Mo 2015, Wild at Heart and Motel Dreaming with Unconscious Collective (Dark MOFO 2015, 2014), Flicker Entrepôt 2014, Burning Plinths (Plimsoll Gallery 2013 for Plimsoll Enquiry), Galla Placidia (Dark MOFO 2013, Sound to Light – Crossing Borders), Emo (Notorious R&D, NAF:TMFC, Dark MOFO 2013, CAST Gallery), Plinths (Plimsoll Gallery), Instill v1, v2, and v3 (Live Art), Death of the Actroid (Rat Palace Pop Up Gallery), Bulb (with Scott Cotterell, Kelly’s Garden), and Kill Machine (Inflight for Touchy Feely). He was a part of Detached, and Contemporary Art Tasmania’s, Shotgun program in 2014.
Jason James – Dark Crystal – Installation