Julia Drouhin, Eugène, eardresser, 2014.
Hair dryer, armchair, magazine, headphones, sound.

Eugène, eardresser invites you to relax under a sound massage device. You can look at a collage magazine or close your eyes to concentrate on the sound dimension of your sensibility. This psychoacoustic brain experience will create a perceptual space of your own using vibrations and frequencies.

Kylie Johnson, Survival Coat, 2014 – ongoing.
Customised coat...
Kylie’s Survival Coat is as much an evolving self-portrait or absurd mind-map exercise [thinking through making] as an aid for surviving a crisis. With the addition of each new ‘necessary’ object the weight and bulk of the coat increases, threatening to render it useless. This work is part of the artist’s ongoing enquiry into the paradoxes of human existence.

Kylie Johnson, Conversations Towards Surviving the Apocalypse, 2013 – ongoing.
Invitation & performances.

This work continues Kylie’s exploration into the Meta theme of human existence in a dystopian epoch. During Miss Despoinas Pataphysical Salon Kylie will continue the series of collaborative one-on-one performances Conversations towards surviving the Apocalypse, which commenced on 30/12/2013. The conversations occur in bars and typically range from environmental issues to social crisis and ideas around 'surviving' everyday life. The mechanism for participation is an open invitation designed in collaboration with Cath Robinson.

Nancy Mauro-Flude, New Game, 2014.
A/Vscape, installation.

New Game opens up standard devices and situations. In this primarily computer-generated environment the entrance is a Tessellated Pavement, an uncanny landform and a place of beauty and mystery. Meaning flickers on and off like a relay switch or an interrupted signal transmission gone awry. A magical parable, a prism, a pirated treasure map elicits an agency; a parallel story. In fact, the game becomes the performer - the player concedes agency to the code. Perhaps you are really a non-player in a game controlled by someone or something else; perhaps you are the one who is played.

Nick Smithies, Soni(c)artography, 2014.

An alternative mapping project that uses geo-located field recordings to explore ideas of temporality, locale and the urban environment. The city is transformed into a repository of moments where sound can travel through time causing subtle reality mash ups that expose contradictions between our memories and our perceptions. Exact junctures in space and time are documented through ambient recordings which when re-visited point to the multiplicity of experiences and interpretations our city holds in its collective memory.

Pip Stafford, An Internet of Things, 2014.
Objects, AM radio transmitters, crystal radios.

This is the first iteration of a new work by Pip that uses objects, AM radio and other hand-made electronic ephemera to create a network that explores and situates itself as an Internet of Things. The title refers to the way in which uniquely identifiable objects [and their virtual representations] exist in an internet-like structure. These interconnected objects communicate with each other in simple ways. They are not saying much other than "I see you" and "I am here", but this is the beginning of a relationship between seemingly unrelated objects. [The title is taken from a concept proposed by Kevin Ashton in 1999 in relation to market analysis as a way to manage and inventory objects and people.]
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