What is a digital perm?
Thursday 9th OCTOBER
1700h_Where it all began - context, an informal pre-opening event sharing the herstories, movements and aesthetics behind Miss Despoinas.

Dance. Or not.

1818h - 2000h Silent Disco PERMformance. Slip into customized headphones: Julia Drouhin, The Third Ear; Sandra Alcorn & Kylie Johnson, PT PROTOTYPE [Personal Transporter]; Nancy Mauro-Flude, The Blue Screen of Death; Nick Smithies, and Pip Stafford, Crystal Au Go Go.

Monday 13th OCTOBER
WLAN – workshop. Learn how to distribute content, media, and shared digital experiences via a wireless device. Nick Smithies streamlines the process of setting up your own wireless access point. More information & registration.

Thursday 16th OCTOBER
1600h_Pataphysical Feedback – discussion.
Miss Despoinas has replaced the usual format of an Artist Talk with invited guests introducing exhibited artworks. Speakers: Scot Cotterell, Jarrod Rawlins, Brigita Ozolins, Meg Walch and Matt Warren.

Thursday 6th November
1000h_1500h MYTH_O_PEDIA_EDIT_A_THON – workshop. To improve coverage of women working with technology and the arts on Wikipedia. Add articles and information to Wikipedia and address this absence in an all-day, communal updating session. Led by Nancy Mauro-Flude.
More information & registration.

10/10/14 - 6/11/14

_Conversations Towards Surviving the Apocalypse - Performance
3 places available.
Kylie Johnson will continue this series of collaborative one-on-one performances throughout the Salon.
More information & registration.

_Miss Despoinas retroactive: Networked Art Forms & Maker Culture
Nancy Mauro-Flude will be in the Salon at various intervals, on a book sprint to develop a publication that catalogues the homebrewed and diverse activities of Miss Despoinas since 2008, including an essay on feminist technology and approaches to maker culture.

_Signal to Noise: Miss Despoinas Pirate Radio. A curated radio event featuring an eclectic mix of discussion, live sound art, music and one off events, broadcast from home brewed tech with love from the Miss Despoinas Salon.
Click here for playlist and more information.

_Soni( c )artography
An alternative mapping project that uses geo-located field recordings to explore ideas of temporality, locale and the urban environment.

Digitally knitted content as discussed by Miss Despoinas during the exhibition. A message will be generated regularly by a knitting machine. The resulting pattern will activate a repetitive movement that creates mechanical soundscapes transmitted to the Miss Despoinas Pirate Radio Station.