Conversations Towards Surviving the Apocalypse - Kylie Johnson

During Miss Despoinas Pataphysical Salon Kylie will continue the series of collaborative one-on-one performances Conversations Towards Surviving the Apocalypse, which commenced on 30/12/2013. The mechanism for participation is an open invitation designed in collaboration with Cath Robinson that will be on display in the gallery.

The conversations occur in bars and typically range from environmental issues to social crisis and ideas around 'surviving' everyday life. Kylie records and then transcribes the conversations and with the consent of participants includes the text in a compilation of documentation.

Three performances will be offered during the Pataphysical Salon.
To register interest text: 0405 680 475
You will then be contacted to discuss the event in more detail.

Kylie will be processing the documentation of the performances in the gallery throughout the show. Conversations Towards Surviving the Apocalypse continues the artist’s exploration into the meta-theme of human existence in a dystopian epoch.