Dr Jonathan Kemp (UK) has a long history of artistic research informed by aleatory and code-brut reconfigurations of the material, chemical, and electromagnetic substrates and processes that underwrite both computation and psyche. Project collaborations include material processing performances, environmental installations, open laboratories, speculative symposia, and social software events executed throughout Europe, Brazil, and the US.

Martin Howse (UK/GER) is mainly preoccupied with the artistic research of the connections between the Earth (geophysical phenomena), software and human psyche (psychogeophysics). He also proposes a return to animism through the critical misuse of scientific technology. Through the construction of experimental situations such as process-driven performance, Howse explores the rich links between substance or materials and execution or protocol all the while digging up the issues of visibility and concealment in the world. Howse is a first rate artist, researcher and mentor, supported by the fact that he regularly presents his project at events/festivals like Transmediale, Ars Electronica, Pixxelpoint, Sonic Acts, Electric Spring, CTM, BEAM, Transnatural, CYNETART etc.

Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude (AUS) explores how we articulate the resonances and dissonances between performing arts and computer science. She has devised, curated and developed numerous experimental cross-disciplinary artworks, projects and pedagogical programmes that examine how networked systems, embodiment and emergent technologies manifest in contemporary culture. Nancy undertook advanced Clinical Training at the Somatic Movement Institute, Amsterdam (1999-2000) and is Alumni of DasArts Masters of Theatre Amsterdam School of Arts (2001-3). A long-term artist resident of Waag institute for art science and technology working with the enabling KeyWorx at the historic Theatrum Anatomicum transforming networking objects and performances to support a virtual stage for dynamic collaborative creation over a network (2001-6). Nancy was awarded an MA in Media Design, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, University of Applied Sciences (2007) and a PhD, University of Tasmania (2014). She is currently research fellow at Institute of Network Cultures Amsterdam and the Creative Exchange Institute, University of Tasmania.

Dr Maria Kunda (AUS) lecturers in art and design history and theory at the Tasmanian School of Art at the University of Tasmania. Her work spans curatorial and writing practices. She has participated on several gallery programming committees, was Chair of Contemporary Art Services Tasmania, and has contributed to numerous publications and curated exhibitions. Her doctoral thesis (2010) examined Surrealism and its politics of anti-colonialism.

Dr Bill Hart (AUS) artist and lecturer in E(lectronic) Media at the the University of Tasmania. He creates prints, software art immersive installations and writing machines http://billhart.id.au

Douglas Kahn (AUS/US) is Professor of Media and Innovation at the National Institute for Experimental Arts, UNSW Art & Design, and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. He is an historian and theoretician of media arts, arts and science, and music whose writings are considered foundational in the field of sound studies. His books include Earth Sound Earth Signal: Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts (University of California Press, 2013); Noise Water Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts (MIT Press, 1999); Mainframe Experimentalism: Early Computing and the Foundations of the Digital Arts (UC Press, 2012); and Source: Music of the Avant-garde, 1966-1973 (UC Press, 2011). He is Professor Emeritus in Science and Technology Studies, University of California at Davis; recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and an Arts Writers Grant from Creative Capital and the Warhol Foundation.

Kathrin Guenter (GER) investigations focus on photo chemical processes, spirit photography and other invisible phenomena of the early twentieth century. She has also been extensively exploring star behaviour She has exhibited worldwide and her work is part of several public and private collections.
Guest Artists and Mentors
Earth Code | Core Litany shifting the site of execution to the earth substrate.
Martin Howse: Co Artistic and workshop director
Dr Jonathon Kemp: Principal Investigator - Artistic and workshop director
Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude: Principal Investigator - Production coordinator, curator, and ethnographer
Dr Maria Kunda: Surrealist Dramaturg, theorist and Plimsoll Gallery Director
Dr Bill Hart: Interactive media design, local ancestral metallurgist adviser
Kathrin G√ľnter: Documentation and workshop (light)
Prof Douglas Kahn: Advisor on Emergent technology commentary
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